About Us

Queenmark is a Singapore-based luxury brand and has presence in over 15 other countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Germany, Russia, United States of America, and Dubai.

Queenmark was founded by Rajul Mehta, who is an artist, entrepreneur and now the Creative Director of Queenmark. She is a board member of Textile and Fashion Federation (TAFF) Singapore and is a Singapore Indian Business Leader Award winner.

An artist by profession, her paintings are now translated onto the scarves in Queenmark’s Artist Limited Edition.

From the procurement to the finished product, Queenmark aims for sustainability and quality through all of its production stages. We are in a range of global stores such as Bloomingdales, Duty Free, Isetan, Tangs, Keepers and many more. We also have been actively participating in International Fashion Shows, such as Blueprint Singapore, The Fashion Festival Bali, Premiere Classe Paris, Mercedes Fashion Week as well as Trunk Shows in Dubai.