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Hey, lovelies!

Are you all ready for Spring? Because, we definitely are!

We’re eager to share with you a few of our style tips on what you can do with your Queenmark shawls.

With a variety of design and color, our shawls usually complements your entire outfit as an accessory – but did you know that our shawls can even be worm as a skirt? And we’re here to tell you how.

From casual to glam, our shawls can be worn for any season!

Here’s some style tips on our shawls and how you can achieve them –

  • Skirt – After draping the skirt around your waist, hold both ends of the shawl and tie a knot
  • Cape – Wrap the shawl on your body (front/back), make a twist and bring both ends of the shawl over your shoulder and voila!
  • Cardigan – Simply place the shawl over your shoulder, and pin it at the front, and you’re done!

Style Tips, QueenMark Shawls

  • Hijab – This needs no introduction, you can style it in anyway you want! But remember to flaunt those lovely laces, ladies
  • Saree – Yes, you can! Wrap the shawl around your waist, twice. At the second turn, bring the shawl up and toss it over your shoulder (diagonally). Click here for a quick picture guide! (Credits to owner)

QueenMark Shawls

And that’s how you do it! Once you’ve tried out these styles, don’t forget to upload your photos and tag us @queenmarkcouture (Facebook and Instagram) and #queenmarkcouture. Looking forward to see you lovelies, trying on a new style with your Queenmark shawls!

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