Monopoly: Beige/Green

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    Our new Mens Collection is modern, trendy and gives meaning to relevant topics of today. Entertainment is such a huge part of our lives, influencing our decisions and opinions everyday. Fashion, our expression, is also impacted by these latest trends in entertainment. We are a walking example of all of the trends of our generation.

    Whether it’s a TV show or a card game, the motifs impact our lives so gravely. Dramas like Game of Thrones and card games like Pokemon and Uno teach us about this competitive world. We think of life as a game, where we have to hustle. Monopoly makes us money-hungry and Chess teaches us patience. Scrabble makes us think out of the box and Snakes and Ladders teaches us how quickly we can lose it all.

    Yet, what makes us human is having faith and owning it! Our Mens collection makes you connected to our world, our people and our virtues. Lets be proud of who we are, and all we have accomplished. Lets play this game called life!

    Monopoly : Available in other colours and styles

    85% Wool 15% Silk