FAQ – Queenmark


1) What is the average size of the shawl?

There are many variations in sizes of shawls. It ranges from the dimension 36 inches by 3.5 inches to as big as 94 inches by 45 inches. A typical shawl measures 70 inches by 22 inches.

2) What styles of shawls are available on your website?

We sell printed shawls, filigree patterned shawls, EMB pearl collection, Davina patterned shawls, and simple 4 sided shawls.

3) How are the shawls constructed ?

At Queenmark, we have tried to incorporate our own artistic expression along with the traditional weaving technique called Kani. Kani means "small sticks" in Kashmiri which is derived from the wooden spools that are used in creating each colourful weave. As each colour and pattern are carefully and delicately weaved by hand, it could take months for a cashmere shawl to be completed.

4) What quality of products are you selling ? 

Our skilled labour uses fine threads sourced from India, Mongolia, and France to delicately and carefully incorporate the weaving technique by hand to provide our end customers with impeccable product quality.

5) How long will it take for my order to arrive ?

We try to get most orders shipped within 48 hours on working days. If there is going to be a delay we will let you know. If your order hasn't arrived after 2 weeks please contact us.

6) What happens if I get the wrong order?

First of all, it is unlikely to happen. Even if it happens, we will either refund the paid amount or deliver the correct product.

7) How can I get in touch with you?

Simply fill the form available on our website or you can also email us at rishi@queenmark.com or contact at 64109061.